Here are some samples of my work.

Business leaders

The Australian: Westfield unveils “massive” World Trade Centre mall in New York (17 August 2016)

The Australian: BHP chief Andrew Mackenzie rejects antitrade populism (21 June 2016)

The Australian: RBA chief Glenn Stevens rejects “helicopter money” (20 April 2016)

The Australian: Woodside urges “sensible” debate on renewable energy (28 April 2016)

The Australian: Morgan Stanley’s Jeffrey McMillan says collaboration is key in fintech (17 October 2016)

The Australian: Campbell Soup bets farm on healthier “real food” (10 October 2016)

The Australian: Avoid latte laziness, have business meetings with purpose (3 December 2016)

Companies, markets, economics

The Australian: Lindsay Tanner joins robo-advice brigade at Six Park (6 December 2016)

The Australian: Roses Only founder launches start-up in New York (12 September 2016)

The Australian: Ex-Rabobank trader Paul Thompson facing jail after pleading guilty to Libor charges (8 July 2016)

The Australian: ‘Don’t over-rely on US infrastructure spending,’ says Dambisa Moyo (28 November 2016)

The Australian: James Packer-backed Melco Crown now “extra cautious” in China (4 November 2016)

The Australian: Peer-to-peer lending hits first big hurdle as LendingClub tumbles (3 June 2016)

The Australian: Flooded US market for real estate crowd-funding a warning sign (15 July 2016)

The Australian: US stocks will slump if Trump wins presidential election: Credit Suisse (20 October 2016)

The Australian: Dixon Advisory fund’s bite into Big Apple property bears fruit (12 April 2016)

The Australian: Iron ore price hovers above $US50 a tonne (21 June 2016)

The Australian: US risks “falling behind” on trade if it doesn’t make progress on TPP (7 October 2016)

The Australian: US Federal Reserve holds rates steady, officials eye a December hike (22 September 2016)

The Australian: Australian economy a lesson to larger nations, says Credit Suisse (20 April 2016)


The Australian: Scott Morrison reassures on foreign investment (6 October 2016)

The Australian: No “brain drain” threat: O’Dwyer (13 April 2016)

The Australian: Tech wars a win-win (27 September 2016)

Business Spectator: More venture capital needed: Ayres (22 February 2016)


The Australian: A question of location for tech companies (26 September 2016)

The Australian: Top start-up advice from Silicon Valley expats (5 October 2016)

The Australian: The seven secrets of Silicon Valley’s angel investors (24 September 2016)

The Deal magazine: Make it personal: Square solved one problem, and presented another that set Jim McKelvey on his next adventure (21 October 2016)

The Deal magazine: If you can make it here … New York has always been bursting with talent, but it used to have little in the way of an ecosystem for entrepreneurs – now it has both (19 August 2016)

The Australian: Start-ups must show restraint: Ries (18 November 2016)

The Australian: Atlassian swings to first-quarter loss as costs outweigh revenue lift (28 October 2016)

The Australian: Enablers and disruptors: the great fintech split (15 September 2016)

The Australian: The Australian fintech start-up streamlining access to US stocks (29 April 2016)

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Personal finance

Eureka Report: Gender balance buys better results (4 March 2015)

Eureka Report: Ethical funds’ surprise wins (22 October 2014)

The Australian: Retail stocks ready to roar as shoppers open wallets (10 March 2015)

Eureka Report: Spin-offs: The secrets of success (18 February 2015)

Eureka Report: Peer-to-peer lending: Is it for you? (17 December 2014)

Eureka Report: How to choose a fund manager for international equities (3 December 2014)

Eureka Report: The best yield stocks post-correction (29 October 2014)

(Eureka Report archives)

Business Spectator: Being Warren Buffett: How to invest in a fully-valued market (13 June 2014)

Business Spectator: Myer profit slides, eyes better FY15 (11 September 2014)

Business Spectator: RBA keeps cash rate at record low 2.5% (5 August 2014)

Business Spectator: Centerbridge takes Boart Longyear stake (25 July 2014)

Business Spectator: Leighton CEO, CFO terminated (13 March 2014)

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City Bible Forum blog: Reporting the truth (14 April 2014)

Junkee: Just Because I’m A Christian Doesn’t Mean I’m Politically Conservative (10 January 2014)

Eternity: Why Jesus might not have been born in a barn after all (23 December 2013)

Going Down Swinging: Out of the Kitchen since 30 AD (Issue 33, September 2012) (You can buy a copy here)


Beat: Comedy festival reviews: Best of Comedy Malaysia, Sarah Kendall, Michael Chamberlin, Ali McGregor, Tracey Cosgrove, Cam Marshall, Andrew Roberts & James Moffett, Best Comics Worst Gigs, The Axis of Awesome (April-May 2012)

Beat: And The Birds Fell From The Sky (29 February 2012), SmartBar (22 February 2012), Sofia Coppola On Film (21 February 2012), The New Black (18 January 2012)

lip: Theatre review: Summer of the Seventeenth Doll (23 January 2012)

Crikey: The Smell of Books (Liticism guest post) (22 February 2012)

Voiceworks: Ed(comm)itorial: V is for Volunteers (Issue 86, September 2011: buy a copy here)


The Emerging Writer: How to Look for an Entry-level Writing Job (Emerging Writers’ Festival, Volume 4, May 2013) (You can buy a copy here)

The Victorian Writer: On Being the Girl in the Green Scarf (January-February 2013)

Wannabe Hacks: How to speak to famous people (2 February 2012)

Crikey: Confessions of the tele-holics (16 April 2010), The twisted virus that is Dog Man (16 April 2010), Tourism Australia wants you – and your intellectual property rights (15 April 2010)

World Association of Newspapers: What does Foursquare mean for newspapers? (19 February 2010), YouCommNews: public interest journalism in Australia (3 February 2010)

World Association of Newspapers: How to work to advantage with bloggers and communities (15 January 2010), ‘Run, Poland, run!’ and ‘Poland rides a bike’ – How a newspaper could put a nation on the run. And make some profits (15 January 2010), Sports coverage: News or Entertainment? (15 January 2010)

World Association of Newspapers: More strikes in French newspaper industry (8 January 2010), French government subsidises news websites (4 January 2010), iPhone users will pay for The Guardian, it seems (16 December 2009)

(World Association of Newspapers archives)

Higher education

Farrago: Student services under threat (21 March 2011), Did Save VCA Just Save the VCA? (18 August 2010), Rudd and his Counter-Cyclical Fisc (27 July 2010), VCAM Dean resigns (23 July 2010), Booked Out (11 April 2010)

Crikey: Melbourne Uni ‘restructure’ will cut expertise: staff (29 March 2011), Show me the money: Deakin Uni staff ‘bullied’ in pay battle (17 May 2010), Three’s a crowd at Deakin, ‘reducing quality of education’ (22 April 2010)

Culture and news

The Big Issue: Carnifauve (11 October 2013), Hair Today (10 August 2012)

Crikey: How to bake inclusively (10 September 2010), Be the designated driver – make delicious mocktails (9 July 2010), Add some vintage style to your wardrobe (9 April 2010), Christmas Island a ‘ghetto’, but ‘dire’ Curtin could be worse (23 April 2010), Why did the Merak asylum seekers get off their boat? (20 April 2010), Did Obama’s Nuclear Security Summit achieve anything? (19 April 2010), What happens when a ship lands on a coral reef? (8 April 2010)