Here are some samples of my work.

Housing affordability

Buyers find better homes as property market softens (2 February 2018)

Paying too much is the new housing nightmare (14 July 2018)

House prices take a dive, and there’s more to come (2 August 2018)

Lost property: Bull run nears end as Sydney house prices fall (28 April 2017)

Bull run over with property storm on horizon (31 May 2017)

Bull run keeps home sellers in the millions (11 August 2017)

Property market slowdown spreads throughout capitals (1 September 2018)

Vendors hope for July bump in first homebuyer demand (10 June 2017)

Grants inflate prices in ‘affordable’ areas as first-timers flood the market (23 April 2018)

First-home savers try riskier strategies as dwelling prices spiral (13 May 2017)

In the real estate ride, buying is all in the timing (24 July 2018)

Apartment market going flat (12 September 2017)

Quality homes still selling amid slowdown (22 December 2017)

A dog’s life: Pet CV opens doors for Breretons (3 May 2018)

Young homebuyers head offshore as affordability bites (5 June 2017)


More luxury apartments could hit the market for new rich buyers (14 April 2018)

Former Australia Post boss snaps up $16m Hawthorn house (23 March 2018)

$44m tipped for home of ex-Australia Post boss Ahmed Fahour (23 May 2018)

Tim Gurner, Aimee Gurner pay $17m for Toorak mansion (15 March 2018)

Spring fever in Melbourne’s exclusive Toorak (8 September 2018)

Baby boomers are buying on Mornington Peninsula (9 February 2018)

Melbourne’s Deepdene a diamond in the rough (17 March 2017)

At Home: Boost Juice’s Janine Allis enjoys a room of her own (22 July 2017)

At Home: Sally Capp’s home doubles as mayoral campaign headquarters (28 April 2018)

Commercial property 

Novotel St Kilda development site in Melbourne pulled from market (4 May 2018)

Developer UAG snaps up Vision Australia site for about $35m (29 August 2018)

Three buyers circle VACC House (4 April 2018), Abacus picks up $95m Melbourne office (5 April 2018)

Paul Little and Jane Hansen give $30m for student accommodation (15 May 2018)

Treasury Wine Estates to move into Pembroke’s T&G Building (11 May 2018)

Central office market abuzz in Melbourne (9 October 2017)

Mirvac secures two tenants for Olderfleet project in Melbourne (29 October 2018)

Listed property trusts

Mirvac’s Lloyd-Hurwitz calls for housing affordability taskforce (16 February 2017)

Frank Lowy’s Westfield Corp accepts $32.76bn takeover offer (12 December 2017)

Vicinity to tap mixed-use projects to beat retail blues (16 August 2018)

Stockland CEO Mark Steinert tips longer housing cycle (21 February 2018)

Financial services royal commission 

Westpac chief admits blind pensioner’s tale ‘confronting’ (22 May 2018)

Bruised pride put ahead of customer refunds (25 May 2018)

Insurer’s staff ‘fought to deny cancer claim’ (15 September 2018)

NAB prolongs gouge and has no plans for refund (10 August 2018)

NAB charges up to double normal fees (20 August 2018)

From the New York bureau

Westfield unveils “massive” World Trade Centre mall in New York (17 August 2016)

BHP chief Andrew Mackenzie rejects antitrade populism (21 June 2016)

RBA chief Glenn Stevens rejects “helicopter money” (20 April 2016)

Avoid latte laziness, have business meetings with purpose (3 December 2016)

Roses Only founder launches start-up in New York (12 September 2016)

Ex-Rabobank trader Paul Thompson facing jail after pleading guilty to Libor charges (8 July 2016)

Dixon Advisory fund’s bite into Big Apple property bears fruit (12 April 2016)

Scott Morrison reassures on foreign investment (6 October 2016)

No “brain drain” threat: O’Dwyer (13 April 2016)

A question of location for tech companies (26 September 2016)

The seven secrets of Silicon Valley’s angel investors (24 September 2016)

Make it personal: Square solved one problem, and presented another that set Jim McKelvey on his next adventure (21 October 2016)

If you can make it here … New York has always been bursting with talent, but it used to have little in the way of an ecosystem for entrepreneurs – now it has both (19 August 2016)

Morgan Stanley’s Jeffrey McMillan says collaboration is key in fintech (17 October 2016)

Campbell Soup bets farm on healthier “real food” (10 October 2016)

General business news 

Super funds show healthy double-digit returns (1 January 2018)

Vintage effort: Wine wins collectibles race (2 September 2017)

Family businesses must focus on family, not just business: David Smorgon (26 March 2018)

Enzo Raimondo takes realestateview.com.au to court over termination (9 August 2018)

Gender balance buys better results (4 March 2015)

Ethical funds’ surprise wins (22 October 2014)

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