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I’m Elizabeth Redman, an Australian journalist, writer and editor based in New York.

I’m currently on the business desk of The Australian newspaper, reporting on US business news that affects Australians and Australian businesses in the US.

I previously covered markets, investing and Australia’s largest listed companies at Business Spectator and Eureka Report. I’ve also written about books, culture, higher education, gender and faith for publications including The Big Issue, Crikey, Junkee, Going Down Swinging and Eternity, and I’ve edited and proofread books and academic papers.

I’m an occasional commentator on ABC Radio and various podcasts. I’ve appeared at the Melbourne Writers Festival and presented on both journalism and investing to audiences in Australia and the US.

You can email me at elizabethlouiseredman at gmail dot com, tweet me @elizabethredman or follow me on Instagram @elizabethredman.