Ads the internet has recently shown me, ranked

It’s 2015 and technology follows us everywhere and knows so much about our lives it can deliver super-precise individually targeted ads, right?

Not quite. Here is an unscientific sample of ads the internet has displayed to me in the past week or so.


  1. I do love avocados but really I was going to buy them anyway.


2. This salad is missing avocado! I do eat a lot of salad in spring though!

Screen Shot 2015-11-05 at 9.02.35 pm

3. Yes you have correctly identified that I google financial terms on my work computer.


4. I love Grill’d but I do not love horse racing.


5. Sure?


6. I haven’t been a student for 4+ years.


7. I graduated four and a bit years ago and I have a job.


8. True, but I mainly wear stockings instead.


9. Wasn’t thinking about it?


10. I must not be a modern fundraiser because I did not know what this was. I looked at their website in the name of research and it appears to be software for non-profits.


11. I have a MasterCard.


12. I don’t drink alcohol.


13. I don’t drink coffee or watch soccer.

Screen Shot 2015-11-05 at 9.03.01 pm

14. I haven’t worn make-up for almost a decade.


15. …


16. Nope.

image17. Gambling is like putting money in the bin except depending on where you gamble the bin might belong to James Packer and he is already a billionaire so why are you giving him more money?


18. This is an actual ad. I am not making this up.



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