Amber Plum Review

amber plums

Left: amber jewel plums. Right: black amber plums.

My local fruit shop is selling two types of amber plums this summer. My dear friend and colleague Amber Plum lives too far away at the moment to try them. So here is a review instead.

Amber jewel plums, $2.99/kilo

amber jewel plums

The smaller variety of amber plums had a red blush and an almost mauve tinge to their skin, with yellow flesh inside. When cut, the plums proved to be in varying stages of ripeness, and some were tricky to remove from the stone.

Their delicate sweetness was followed by a slightly tart aftertaste, leaving an impression of balance.

Black amber plums, $3.99/kilo

black amber plums

The larger plums live up to their name, with a deep purplish-black hue. When cut, they twisted right off the stone, revealing a two-toned yellow and red centre.

The juice dripped right down my arm almost to the elbow as I bit into the multicoloured segments. These were slightly less sweet than the smaller variety – prettier, yes, but not quite as delicious.

Amber Plum, London Editor, Business Spectator

A+, five stars. Check out her reporting on the mood in the streets of Athens as the Greek debt negotiations continue here.

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