How to wear stockings in cold places

Superman statue

Superman statue via giladr on flickr.

When I moved to Melbourne I took all the free brochures/guides about “best places to eat!” and “how to use public transport!” But the thing they don’t tell you is how to wear stockings in winter. There is an art to stocking-wearing in cold places that I learned through trial and error and amazing “didn’t you know that?” revelations from housemates. If you never got the memo, enjoy.

1. Buy wool. I didn’t know wool stockings existed until I moved here but they are SO much warmer than (even thick) regular ones. The first time I wore a pair outside I felt invincible. Sometimes it’s tricky to find wool stockings at Kmart/supermarkets but you can often get them at Myer/David Jones/boutiques.

Yes, they are a bit more expensive. But you won’t be thinking about the price when you’re waiting for the tram late at night and it’s seven degrees with an icy wind.

2. Buy extra-tall. Do this even if you are not extra tall. Don’t look at the weight/height chart on the back and figure out which category you should be in. It’s more comfortable to put them on and have extra material at the top than to put them on and have to make a real effort to get them to reach all the way up.

3. Wear Superman undies. As in, not undies with a Superman pattern on them, but if you want to do that, go right ahead. As in, put a pair of undies on, and then put a pair of stockings on, and then put another pair of undies on over the top.

Finding out about Superman undies changed my life. I always thought stockings fell down during the day and were really uncomfortable. But Superman undies keep them right in place.

Tip: since the outside undies don’t touch skin, you might like to wear them for a few days to save on laundry.

Tip: if your dress is slightly see-through, you might like to make sure your Superman undies are the same colour as your stockings.

Or you could just wear pants, I guess. Up to you.

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