My NYWF Dream Panel

National Young Writers' Festival

This week I wrote an application to be a panellist at the National Young Writers’ Festival and the application form asked a lot of questions. A lot. 25-word bio, 100-word bio, ideas for festival events, and were there any writing skills I really wanted to brush up on like self-publishing a novel?

I’ve never written a novel, if you’re playing at home.

One of the best (and toughest) questions asked who I would like to see on a fantasy panel if time and money were no obstacles.

I decided that my dream panel would be on the topic of Lady Blogs. That is, blogs that are aimed at women that are also very good blogs. Not that one about how a push-up bra is a better investment than a PhD, that doesn’t count. Don’t read that. I mean the ones about being a productivity unicorn or how if you mess up you should apologise once and then stop apologising.

Here are my dream panellists:

Edith Zimmerman and Jane Marie

I’m not great at that moment where your friend comes to you and tells you all about a really terrible situation and then pauses and looks right at you because they are waiting for your advice. But in the last year or so, I have learned to deal with that moment slightly better, because I have started sometimes saying to people, “I read on The Hairpin that…” and giving them advice from people who had some kind of experience to base the advice on in the first place.

Seriously, these women edit a website that features Ask A Dude, Ask A Lady, Doll News, Women in the News, and pretty much everything else you could want. It was also the inspiration for my pencil skirt, so thanks, The Hairpin.

Jen Dziura

I could read Jen Dziura’s Bullish columns on The Gloss and The Grindstone all day. But that would be beside the point, because they are mainly about how to get more things done with your life. They have titles like Maybe Work-Life Balance Means You Should Work MORE, How To Make Money As An Artsy Artist Commie Pinko Weirdo, and 3 Romantic Mistakes That Young Women Make That Cause Weeping Among The Angels And Kittens.

I really want to try a Ladies’ Working Brunch some time. Let me know if you want in.

Molly Lambert

Formerly the editor of This Recording and current writer for Grantland, Molly Lambert’s background is in pop culture rather than Lady Blogs as such. She makes it onto this list because of her outstanding advice on how to be a woman in a boys’ club. If you haven’t read it already, why not?

4 thoughts on “My NYWF Dream Panel

  1. This is brilliant! And you can always count me in for a Ladies’ Working Brunch, at least when I’m in the vicinity anyway! 🙂

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