Authority jacket

This is not my jacket. Image via Huzzah Vintage.

I own one proper, black suit jacket. Maybe it is better described as a blazer. I bought it in a hurry because I needed something to wear to the Press Club and while it wasn’t expensive, it was slightly more than I am used to paying for clothes from op shops and warehouse sales. But that is okay because I wear it all the time. 

Not literally all the time. I don’t wear it with pyjamas. And I’ve never had an office job (or even an internship) that was so super formal that I needed to wear a suit every day. 

Sometimes I wear it when I have a job interview, or I’m in an office where it’s cold enough to wear a jacket anyway. 

But mostly I wear it when I need to feel confident about myself. 

Big day ahead? Need to tell other people what to do? Want to be considered a Serious Human? It’s jacket time. 

It’s not that I’m some kind of blubbering mess without the jacket. I’m fine. But I notice that as soon as I put it on, I walk slightly faster and more purposefully, I lift my head slightly higher, and the little voice in my head stops saying but I have so many things to do and switches to drive it like you stole it and empires are not built on cake.

Do you have an authority jacket? They definitely come recommended. 

3 thoughts on “Authority jacket

  1. uilding on what you’ve said Elizabeth, I wonder if the wearer’s attitude is what changes most with wearing a jacket? Looking at your newer post on the matter its not entirely clear whether it was the wearer’s demeanor or those that responded to the wearer’s request that mattered. I suspect there’s a placebo associated with it. They do call it power dressing don’t they.

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