Duck Duck Goose

Yesterday we went to a restaurant called Duck Duck Goose. This prompted a lot of questions:

Why is the restaurant called Duck Duck Goose?

Is it because you can only order duck dishes?

Is it because you can only order duck and goose dishes?

Can you eat goose?

Is it called Duck Duck Goose because most of the tables are round? As in, you could play the children’s game Duck Duck Goose around your table with your dining companions, which might be harder to manage at a rectangular table, right?

Would it be inappropriate if we played Duck Duck Goose in the restaurant?

Isn’t it impressive that we turned up in a group of five without a booking and there was a five-seater round table all ready? Isn’t it easier to have a conversation with a group this size at a round table?

Doesn’t this soup spoon with the curly handle look like a duck? As in, that’s the head, and the neck and see the body there? 

(We didn’t find out some of the less obvious answers, but there was a lot of delicious duck on the menu, including a duck burger, if you’re interested.)

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