Writers – want to get paid? Move to Argentina

Did you see that Argentina is considering paying a pension to its writers? 

According to The Guardian, writers could qualify for the payments if they’re aged over 65 and have written five or more books or invested at least 20 years in “literary creation”. 

Presumably there would be some kind of panel or selection process to determine what counts as “literary creation”. Although, if I spent 20 years writing really good Twitter updates, I don’t know, I might feel a bit entitled. 

Authors who qualify would be paid the equivalent of A$867 a month. It doesn’t sound like that much but it’s above the minimum state pension, according to the report. So, win!

This is brilliant news. All they need is a similar scheme for talented young writers, paying them to work on a first or second novel so they don’t have to spend most of their time working in cafes, and Argentina would be a very desirable place for writers indeed. Wish we had something similar here. 

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