Under my umbrella

Does anyone else struggle to keep an umbrella?

I bought a new one on Friday at maybe 1pm. By the time I walked to the tram stop, which was less than a block away and would have taken a total of about three minutes, it had broken.

It got progressively worse as I navigated the rainy, windy day. Now it looks like this:


Yep, there are several dislodged spokes, one of which flaps around in the wind.

Sure, it was super cheap. But I tried buying an expensive umbrella once before and found that it broke just like the cheap ones I normally buy. Not in one day, though. This was something of a record, even for me.

I would make some comment about our throwaway consumerist society but all I really want to know is: where can I get an umbrella that will last just a little bit longer? Anyone?

One thought on “Under my umbrella

  1. The secret is not to buy one of those little foldable umbrellas, you have to buy one of the golf-style ones. A pain to carry around, but it keeps you dry! Plus you can hang it over your arm and look old-fashioned and whimsical.

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